Daily Archive: August 2, 2005


it’s a boy!

From Giant Pandas – National Zoo At the cub’s first exam, conducted by Dr. Sharon Deem, associate veterinarian, Laurie Perry, animal keeper, and Lisa Stevens, assistant curator, we learned that it’s a boy! He looks healthy, weighs 1.82 pounds (825.7...


‘vator hack

Hacking Elevators 101! The elevator in my building, I rarely have problems on the way up by myself, but if this worked in the morning on the way down, it’d be cool.


ain’t but two of ’em straight, and both of them ugly

Sermons Without Stereotypes Eugene Robinson writes, I’m not saying that all or even most of the choir directors in all or even most of the black churches in the country are gay. I’m just reporting that in my observation, at...