Monthly Archive: February 2006


pros and cons

Sure it’s great to get a bonus from your company. It just sucks that those wages are taxable. When eyes scan from “Gross Pay” to “Net Pay” you can cue the studio audience, “Awwwww.” Still it’s kinda nice to have...


I’ll change my default for that

Netflix discount. Users could receive one month free Netflix DVD rentals and pay $10.99 thereafter, rather than $17.99 a month. Yahoo to offer incentives for using search engine? | | CNET Hell yeah I’d take the offer of...


more issues than a newsagent

From Metroblogging DC: I’m here, I’m Queer – Lets Burn Crosses!! Too many issues colliding on this t-shirt for me to discuss. Call me when it’s a cling-tag for the window, right next to the gun rack.


Modern Sherpas

Perhaps it’s because we are multitaskers. Or because we’re insecure. Maybe we are becoming more independent. Whatever the reasons, we are more and more burdened by our belongings. Burdens of the Modern Beast | Late last year I decided...


Come Into My World

Ok, woke up late, running late, ankle sore from twisting it on Monday night bowling, generally a crap morning, or it would be if I weren’t listening to Kylie live in concert. Her songs are already fun, but the live...


productivity is for losers

The sand game. Silly, pixelated, mindless fun that kept me occupied far longer than it should have. And The IKEA Game, just plain amusing.


Aw, poop!

I only just found out that James Blunt is doing a US tour and then find the tickets sold out at 930 Club. Still, I did get two tickets for Jamie Cullum, so I guess I can’t complain all that...


It happens in X-Men fanfic too…

From today’s Sluggy Freelance. Rogue: A Melee Damage Dealing Class Rouge: A Reddish Powder It’s important to know the difference. See the strip for illustration. Pete’s on vacation and it’s currently WoW filler time.


why it DOES bug me.

…when someone you consider a friend says “I don’t want to read about you. You bore me. You disgust me. You don’t interest me. We share nothing in common. I dislike your opinions.” It goes right to our hearts and...