Daily Archive: March 3, 2006


My anaconda don’t want none…

Boing Boing gives us a glimpse of an unfortunate photo giving eyebrows a rise and causing a paper’s editorial staff to get shafted by readers. And Smilin’ Bob’s company isn’t exactly smiling about much anymore, to the tune of $2.5...


Easier to process than Headline News

One of the best mixes of Flash and RSS feeds I’ve seen in a while. For the global newsjunkie, What’s Up?. It’s just cool to watch, even if you don’t care about news all that much.


would you like a little MORE salad?

A hilarious way to fight back at Pizza Hut’s “one trip only” rule for the salad bar, start.com.my blog shows us the best way to make the most of your money and the healthy stuff. I don’t think the Pizza...