Monthly Archive: May 2006


but it won’t glow in the dark

I think I really want to get a bottle of this stuff, just to try it. Via the New York Times, A Toast to Loquacity talks about p.i.n.k. Vodka, infused with both caffeine and extract from the Brazilian guarana plant....


Wuz good?

Lord knows I am not that much of a snob and/or grammar queen, but this “message” I just got via MySpace… I’m confounded, truly I am: hii wuz good sweetty nice pg u b lookin cute in those pics i...


Keep your fork, the best is yet to come

This weekend Saturday and Sunday swapped places, the lazy Sat and active Sun. I was still recovering on Friday from Richard and Dwight’s birthday party which was too much fun, hence the recovery. Between chicken and ribs and the on-the-fly...



It’s finally happened, Netflix has throttled me! *wah! I was well aware of the top 5 movies in my queue only the #1 of which has a “short wait” and the one they’re sending me now is most certainly NOT...


Next time, Google Maps

I’m a little behind on my news since I generally stay away from web browsing on my off days, but what in holy hell was going on here?! Couple Arrested For Asking For Directions Joshua Kelly and Llara Brook, of...



“…Blas for you, Blas for everybody in the room. I’m just on a blasphemy and bla…” Six person joke, that. There we go. Thursday, May 18 – Sinfest


It’s going around

Something’s been passing along, a few people are getting the same symptoms: sore throat, headaches, and the usual “I’m not really sick, but I feel icky” kinda stuff. Today was my turn, so I stayed home and watched a movie:...


Williams Endorses Cropp

From today’s Express: Williams Endorses Cropp for Mayor Williams said he and Cropp, both Democrats, have worked closely to encourage the redevelopment of dilapidated and crime-ridden neighborhoods. In Columbia Heights, a Giant supermarket has recently opened and a Target department...