Monthly Archive: May 2006


Secret Origins

words & pictures takes a look at the secret origin of… The Oozinator Hilarious! Amazon has since deleted all the hilarious reviews the product garnered on their website, but you can still see the first page via google cache. And...


If they say so…

Hurrah, another reason I don’t get any dates. I’m a confirmed nerd! Edit: Oh how eeeeeeee-vil, it appears to be giving the test taker one image (I see a score of 151) while some people viewing the image see a...


FFWD Conspiracy Theory

I’m starting to wonder if my TiVo dvr detects when I use the 30-second skip hack on it and is purposefully rebooting my unit for “service upgrades” like every other night. If I have to program it into my Harmony...


Ooooh, temptation

Since it’s Sunday, I figured this was appropriate. I’m so tempted to make a few of these up and head to the local Jesus Bookstore. Click to see full sized version. The Bible a la Tipper Gore:


Quote of the Day

Light travels faster than sound. That’s why some people appear bright before you hear them speak. — Unknown


Totally worth the click

Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt Energy Drink Its time for the Steven Seagal Experience! There is no telling what will happen once you get his juices inside you! Massive explosions, intense hand to hand combat, speaking in cryptic monotone dialog, who...


Postcoital Friday

What Do You Say After Sex? Aries: I’m hungry, pass the pizza. Taurus: Okay, Ok lets do it again… Gemini: Have you seen the TV remote? Cancer: When are we getting married? Leo: Wasn’t I fantastic? Virgo: I need to...


a Japanese slingshot!

I didn’t realize that AXE made mens’ underwear, nor that the styles were so… accomodating! Watch Axe Boxer Shorts – ‘Pants’


Dame Edna’s alter ego finally snaps!

‘Dame Edna’ Punches Persistent Photographer in Sydney | “I can confirm to you that Barry did hit him,” [publicist Suzie] Howie said. “He was obviously very upset.” “But at least he didn’t throw a phone,” added Howie. And soon...



From TV Squad: There are some cartoon characters that have a permanent shield of double-thick steel around them. When you think they’re finally gone, they come back in a new form. Take our pal Scooby-Doo, for example. Scooby and his...