Monthly Archive: June 2006


Strike that, reverse it.

From today’s Express, Weekend section. I always love when people realize that Metropolis is New York by day and Gotham City is New York by night, but I’d think that someone editing the captions might realize that they had the...


Slave to the bean

I’m starting to feel totally unable to cope with the workday morning without caffeine. But I suspect that it’s psychological because I don’t feel much of a buzz (except on espresso) with it and I don’t feel much of a...


New York is the most what?!

Reader’s Digest did a global survey for the most polite cities and The Big Apple came out on top. Uncommon Courtesy | The routine in New York was similar to the one followed elsewhere: Two reporters — one woman...


Quote of the Summer

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain. Maya Angelou


Who ordered the fluff?

Ice Cream Indulgences by Sign — Astrological clues to your cravings. When you do indulge, Virgo, you tend to make healthy choices like raspberry frozen yogurt or green tea soy ice cream. What the hell is this woman smoking?!


I got some pork you can pull.

Au Bon Pain’s BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich — It’s a good thing. I know I should have chopped up some chicken to bring in for leftovers today, but I would have been torn between wanting to bring in the dark...


Aftermath: Chicken

Success! See the full set of pics here. Well while I was pretty worried, the chicken turned out great. Ina has a few odd steps in her recipe and this isn’t the one I recall her doing on tv, but...


Who’s a big moron now?

Hm.. getting caught in a torrential downpour while still dressed for work when I forgot my umbrella? Yeah… pretty dumb. I’m really not in the mood to try pulling off that “I’m soaking wet” kinda sexy look. Ah and the...


#1 with a Pullet

I’m attempting roast chicken tonight, this will be a first, but since Peapod didn’t seem to have any whole birds aside from game hens, I’ll swing by the store and pick up a smaller sized fowl since I’d rather not...