Monthly Archive: October 2006


All Hallow’s Blues

Happy Halloween everyone. I thought I’d gotten to the point where this was just another day, socially speaking. Religiously is another matter. But I find myself a little down for some reason. I guess in the past, Halloween and the...


two turntables and a long-ass line

According to secret hobo sources, Beck is playing the backstage at the Black Cat tonight. At first I was jazzed, but there’s already an Apples in Stereo concert there, it was announced yesterday and I doubt I feel like standing...


you can’t please ’em

Ah Metro, Metro, Metro… nice try, I’ll grant you that. It was a good effort putting cameras in the regular rail cars and having employees monitor passenger habits for months to see how to improve upon the rail car design....


Happy Devil’s Night

And a very happy birthday to two wonderful friends of mine, Lindsay and Al. It was a pretty grim weekend for me, though it looked lovely outside. I had migraines all day Saturday and 1/2 of Sunday. I managed to...


we condone nothing

Oct 2, HRC makes a statement on the Foley scandal: Gay or straight, Democrat or Republican, it is completely inexcusable for an adult to have this kind of communication with a minor. Congressman Foley brought shame on himself and this...


just 60 minutes

That’s all I ask, one hour in which nothing goes wrong, no one comes to me with a problem, nothing crashes and nobody complains. And no, lunch doesn’t count. Ev IM’d me earlier, “work is killing you, isn’t it?” —...


Cha-Cha Heels

The race last night was fun, but COLD. It was one of those situations where you realize, only after trying to move your joints again that they’re quite frozen. I think the feeling in my toes returned after we got...


In these shoes?!

Anyone hitting 17th St for the High Heel Race tonight? I’ll be there, camera in hand.


Monday Funnies

The day has calmed down a bit and I’m cutting out a little bit early to try and avoid long lines at Metro Center. I finally caught up with my webcomics and the recent Sinfest and Ctrl-Alt-Del cracked me up...


Somebody’s got a case of the — oh shut up!

So far this morning I have yet to see a sign that I shouldn’t have stayed in bed and perhaps caught up on TV, especially Torchwood. My computer locked up, my iPod locked up, there was no hot water well...