Monthly Archive: October 2006


Take a giant step outside your mind

I’d love to do just that, believe me. I’m a little stressed out around the office lately and I imagine I’ll be reacting a little like Tweek for the next week or so while I get used to being in...


Who’s left?

Happy National Coming Out Day! I think this year I’ll come out to my iPod, but considering what it plays on shuffle, I think it already knows… I started coming out to inanimate objects a year or two ago because...


Star, baker, biker

Even though I’ll likely be recording it on TiVo… WOO-HOO! BSG TONIGHT!!! The above is clipped from today’s Express interview with Katee. I so loved that line about the Cylons that it had to be shared. And she bakes cookies!...


People suck. My bowling doesn’t.

My scores tonight: 125, 150, 214. I really do enjoy bowling and I wasn’t sure about joining a league because it’s a lot of bowling, it’s not cheap on weekly and membership fees and it’s weekly committment for a few...


Eat just fruit, drink just wine.

“In three weeks time, I want to be on the cusp of organ failure…” — Edwina Monsoon Yeah, it’s time to seriously diet* again, I’m tipping near 200 lbs on the scale and my clothes are fitting, but in a...


*hee hee, I needed that

Got this spam this morning, and it gave me a much needed chuckle. Also, Miss Cleo’s a lesbian? I never could have predicted that one.


Whoa… what?!

I realize everyone has a choice in their morning paper and their free daily, I generally read Express, a child of the Washington Post because it seemed a less offensive choice than the Examiner which is kinda tabloid’y, or the...


I am shocked. Shocked, I tell you!

This is about the extent of how I feel about this story about Mark Foley and his indiscretions. For anyone that didn’t have HBO in the 80s or basic cable since then, the capture above is from “9 to 5”....