Daily Archive: November 15, 2006


Which sounds more profound: a 180 or full circle?

A LOT has changed for me since I first got this job, dates, living arrangements, friends, etc. When I first interviewed for this job, I thought I did so poorly that I left here ready to be sick. Thankfully I...


That’s just not right

Yeah yeah yeah, so 1% of the internet is porn — I think that figure is way off, but it was only sites indexed by Microsoft and Google. But check this out from the AP: O.J. Simpson to discuss killings:...


Because it just is, that’s why.

One of the things that gives me a fun break during the workday is reading Mark Morford’s columns at SFGate.com. Last night I watched Real Time with Bill Maher from last Friday (check out his New Rules for that night’s...