about me

— thirty-something über-connected queer city-dwelling urban bohemian

That’s my easy-cheesy tagline I use on all the sites that only allow a brief bio about yourself. One of the things I said I’d get around to this year was actually creating an about me page on this blog and it’s still been left undone. I should probably solicit testimonials. Such as this one from my friend Clarity Junkie:

… he’s mastered the style of blogging for interest and discussion without having to stray far from his personal life or an economy of words to do it. His writing is light, witty, and fairly agile. His blog is an unaffected window into DC living, such that it’s been quoted at least in the DC free press online in the context of commentary on popular culture. He is an unapologetic geek who nevertheless makes geek chic look cooler than usual …

keywords (so far): foodie/food snob, shutterbug, cancer survivor, gamer, unashamed queer, unapologetic geek

Since more traffic seems to be coming my way and people seem keen on contacting me, I figured I would try to do better than that tiny little contact form on the side of the page. Please use the form below if you’d like to get in touch with me for any reason. Spammers, obviously, need not apply. :mrgreen: