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weekend wrap-up: Halloween!

The past few years I’ve been going into Halloween with no real plans, but seeing what comes of the evening. I don’t do costumes unless I’ve been invited to a costume party and I really don’t enjoy going out to...


weekend wrap-up: bake sale!

I was tagged in 6 Facebook photos following this weekend. I’m pretty sure that’s a record for me! And rather than bore you in one long post about the weekend, it’s only fitting that I instead bore you in a...


health: winning another battle

“When she woke up and saw they’d taken both breasts, she knew…” It sounds like a line from a horror story, but it was the best thing we could have heard last night. A friend was at GWU Hospital yesterday...


food: Bake Sale update!

You do know there’s a bake sale this Saturday, right? 14th & U Farmers Market, 9a-1p, supplied and staffed by your local DC food bloggers? If you’re one of my regular readers*, of course you do! I’ll be honest, I...


psa: fall back!

One of the great things about the internet is that information can be shared and spread quickly. Unfortunately it also means that a lot of mis-information can be spread just as easily. When the National Equality March was in town...


Why food, of all things?

Why, after more than 10 years of blogging at various sites and domains have I decided to create a spin-off just for food? … Why not? — Some history about me and food and a little idea of what you’ll find here.


food: DC Food Bloggers Spooktacular Bake Sale

Anyone up for a bake sale? The DC Food Bloggers are preparing their best baked goods for you! We all remember bake sales back in the day where you put your faith in the–often last-minute–cooking talents of some kids’ moms....


photo: and behold, another day begins*

I must have been crazy, but as my body didn’t want to sleep in yesterday morning, I decided to spend a little quality time on my building’s roof deck and greet the sun. I had on layers, I had hot...


video: OMG, Shooz!

Watching the FOX Sunday night line up* wasn’t too bad last night. Though having friends on IM and twitter to snark about it definitely helps. I made the comment that Seth McFarlane really needs to stop miring his jokes in...


metro: a little… f’d up over Columbus Day weekend

It’s possible that some DC metro area residents, visiting out of towners, etc. don’t know about this so here’s a little reminder. Waterfront-SEU and Archives-Navy Mem’l-Penn Quarter stations to close; No Green Line service at L’Enfant Plaza The Waterfront-SEU and...