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The (economic) power of prayer?

I wrote about Pray At The Pump about a month ago, and now they’re claiming victory. They believe their prayers have actually caused the price of gas to drop: “We were down in Huntsville, Alabama. We finished praying,” Mr Twyman...


Are we sure this is August?

I don’t want to rock the boat too much because I’d love for this type of weather in August to become the norm. It was too nice to stay indoors today so Kyle and I headed out and about. Our...


on the subject of bloggers and commenters

I don’t watch “Root of All Evil” and have no plans to start, but I might have to keep catching the good snippets online. In general I’m noticing that a lot of the “bigger” blogs are starting to have more...


gadgets: a Personal Cone of Silence

I should have listened sooner, really. A few years back, when Tom still worked in my office, he suggested a pair of Shure headphones to go with my iPod. Advising that they were expensive, but worth it. I think I...


Table for Two: 15 ria

Thank you to Gilahi for suggesting 15 ria. Kyle and I partook of their Restaurant Week menu last night and it was delicious, though I admit that we really went there to partake of their bourbon flight. Some of my...


Olympics: Bronze never looked so… hot

Uh… I’m sorry, what was I going to type? I got a little distracted. I actually haven’t seen much of the Olympic Games coverage. I have a few shows saved on my TiVo, but finding time to sit down and...


OMG the Fairy Shoe-Person!!

After seeing this song on YouTube, I knew I was going to have to record at least one episode of Sesame Street this season. I barely recognize any of the new actors or muppets/monsters, but NPH got a good half...


lol: iz made of choclat?

From the deadline USA blog at The Guardian comes LOL Bush. A LOL Cats inspired look at some photos taken during President Bush’s visit to the Olympic Games.


This is why I usually order Gin & Tonic

I’m not sure how, but I’ve managed to find more than a few mixology-related publications lately. I’m also not sure what that says about me (that I don’t already know, no need for comments from the peanut gallery, thank you)...