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When you really need motivation to wake up!

When the Senseo breaks down, I think I know what I’m buying to replace it, the Saeco Etienne Louis espresso coffee machine. The cover of Etienne Louis is a steel sphere, whereas the spikes and the supports are made from...


Cool… Not Cool.

Anyone reading yesterday’s entry can probably guess at my mood yesterday, which carried through to this morning… until I read World War Hulk #1. If there’s a dermal patch for mood elevation that doesn’t actually need to be stuck on...


words fail

Productivity in the office has declined in the short-term as we’re all watching blogs cover Steve Jobs’ keynote at Macworld 2007. I was going to include a picture, but I can’t decide which one to show, engadet’s coverage has some...


Including the energon axe!

I feel horrible for wanting this, but I absolutely do and may very well buy it. Not because it speaks or has a display stand or anything. it’s the axe. For the geeks in the audience, y’all remember the axe...


A Robert Hays, Pam Dawber vehicle…

Does anyone remember the movie version of this book from the 80s? For some reason, cheesy effects, plot and all, I loved it. I saw it so many times on cable by the time I was 15 I could recite...


video: Turn the lights down low…

Aussie comedy group Tripod performing their song “Make You Happy Tonight” at a Comedy Festival. For any gamer that’s promised their spouse a “date night”. 😛



Today’s Penny Arcade goes out to all those lonely horny MMORPG players wookin pa nub (or nookie) online.


Kittens = Pop-Tarts

Another milk-snorter… goats: March 1, 1998 (1 of 11)


blood is a powerful sign

Ok, I finished Stigmata, it’s one hell of a book. Briefly, it’s about a woman, Elizabeth DuBose, who receives a trunk of belongings from her grandmother and great-great-grandmother. This triggers flashes of memory from their lives, even causing her to...


movies: but did you like it?

One Game Dame Normally I don’t like any of the Washington Post’s movie reviews, but this one made me chuckle. Excerpts… Awesomely vacant, “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,” stars Angelina Jolie’s lips and breasts and, in a much smaller role, the...