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A: The drinks Brian consumed last night.

Q: What are Bleu Jack, Mutiny, Kama Sutra, Desert Storm and Divine Inspiration? Correct! Woo, that was a fun Happy Hour, and we left early enough so that there are no ill effects this morning.


What’s your digits?

Get this Heroes countdown widget! I was going to just post my Wii number, but I saw an iPhone countdown widget over at abersparky’s blog and couldn’t resist placing one of my own here… Also, my Wii number: 0980 2824...


Upgrade complete. Blog when ready.

I upgraded to WordPress 2.2 and it looks like everything’s just fine around here. Dreamhost has a one-click install that will add or upgrade features to your website, so all I had to do was click a button and wait....


I’m ready for that drink now

I still haven’t managed the energy to write about the weekend. My manager called me last week to let me know that there would be layoffs announced today. I guess it really didn’t sink in then, but today I realized...


Is it the weekend yet?

Ok, brain not really functioning yet, coffee from downstairs is horribly bad and no amount of sugar or splenda seems to be able to counteract the bitter. Yoplait’s Light Thick & Creamy yogurt (100 cals) is fairly decent but I...


Oh. My. Head.

I had to put my iPod out to pasture this morning. Something was up with it, it refused to add new songs claiming there was no space, it also refused to remove old songs so that I could add the...


I need to get a decent video camera

The guys over at Penny Arcade said it best, playing Wii Sports can be a workout. I needed something to give myself a chuckle when I got home. I made it here well before my grocery delivery, scheduled from 5...


Is that a hint of a smile?

my new desk angle at work | urbanbohemian – flickr Well I can’t scowl when there’s a camera trained on me, now can I? Brenda was in the office this Monday and wanted to snap some pics of us and...


I spent & I’m spent

One day and just barely over $200 later for groceries and clothes, I’m set for a little while. That total isn’t bad considering my usual spendy’ness. But that’s just for some pantry basics and vitamin water around the house, and...


I seriously need some shopping therapy

I clicked on this sale ad, but then quickly forgot what I’d gone there to buy… fer realz tho, yesterday I headed over to macy*s after work and had the wind completely taken out of my sails. It was a...