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a question for the ages

Ok, in Superman II, after Kal-El gives up his powers and spends the night with Lois and they get it on in the Fortress of Solitude… It cuts to General Zod, Ursa and Non making trouble in the world, etc....


Online, everyone has bulletproof social armor

Someone to Watch Over Me (on a Google Map) | NYT …like many of my generation, I consistently trade actual human contact for the more reliable emotional high of smiles on MySpace, winks on and pokes on Facebook. I...


I’m a cherry-picker and proud of it!

Sale Shoppers Annoy Grocers as They Save | NYT Grocers loathe the shoppers known as “cherry-pickers” — people who visit several stores on a single grocery run, choosing only the sale items in each. “I remember working with a grocery...


TV Luv

Any fans of Look Around You or Reno 911 out there… show me some love, hm? Especially Look Around You, it’s got all that educational science show spoofing going on, like 3-2-1 Contact, but with bad hair, bad suits and...


Ooooh, me wantee!

Just a little product round up, only one of the following I actually want (and need): The Dirt Devil KONE is a cordless hand vac unlike any you’ve seen. Dirt Devil had famed product designer Karim Rashid create an elegant,...


The Quiet Man

Happy Birthday Bill! My weekend was.. what it was, not feeling like talking about it. But I did have a great time meeting and for dinner downtown at Chef Geoff’s. I didn’t think I’d be good company for it, but...


uh.. wow

Just finished “Army of Ghosts” and about to start “Doomsday” — wow.


can’t stop, projects will eat me

Today’s been a little non-stop at the office so before I head outta town for the weekend and totally forget, a big thank you to and for coming by last night for dinner. I had a fantastic time and finally...



Same-Sex Marriage Ruled Out in New York, Georgia | Washington Post The highest courts of New York and Georgia ruled yesterday that same-sex couples are not entitled to marry, delivering a twin blow to gay rights advocates that leaves Massachusetts...


Cool Summer

I feel like my dad’s gonna pop his head in at any moment and ask who’s been messing with the thermostat. Just walked outside to grab lunch and it’s cloudy as anything sure, but I can take that since it...