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The Da Vinci Promotion

Ah contests, such fun especially when you don’t really have to do much aside from go to a website every day. Google was running a promotional tie-in with The Da Vinci Code, where you had to solve 24 puzzles and...


Quote of the Night

“Forget.. the shooty-dog-thing.” — Headmaster (Anthony Stewart Head), “School Reunion”


You are all to blame…

Every Doctor Who fan out there with my e-mail or IM. Why have you not beaten me about the head and shoulders and made me watch the new Dr. Who series. I’m just now catching The Christmas Invasion, and am...


Baby! I am not from Havana!

Even though I was definitely feeling the aftereffects of last night’s drunken spree, at the least I did my part for International Relations this morning. And then proceeded to need to crash for the rest of the day. Gods bless...


T.G.I. friggin’ F!

I’m so very glad it’s Friday and the weekend is here, I’m also glad that there’s been no new major shocking news released in the world as I’m still raw from the NSA thing. And now to see the results...


Icing on the cake

And to make me feel so much better about my future prospects in the neighborhood, I dropped a note to some new apartments coming up in the area. Admittedly they are across the street from the Giant, a block away...


more signs and portents

brings us a potential peek ahead to something not at all unfamiliar to B5 fans. I was fairly numb to finding out about the news, what really got me was how the NSA killed the Justice Department inquiries by not...


*plays Imperial March*

Ah yes, that empire is coming along nicely, we’ll just set them up for the next monarch in the line of succession: Jeb Would Make a ‘Great President,’ Bush Says