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A Veritable Smorgasbord

I feel like I overindulged this weekend, on many things, and it feels good. Friday was a beast of a day at the office, there’s a high profile site that has to be up today and all the content and...


time-lapse painting

Gareth Spor’s time-lapse painting | Boing Boing This is just kind cool to watch, this Boing Boing reader made a time-lapse movie of his large scale painting project, took about a month and a half. It’s amazing to see everything...


Tom DeLay the horned one?

Tom DeLay the horned one uploaded by flickrite urbanbohemian. My co-worker peeks around the corner and says “you have to see this!” – The Washington Post’s webpage must have been in mid-update and got the caption to a photo very...