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Time to make the cookies…

See, I did get away from the computer this weekend, but not for too long. My “experiment” seems to be a rousing success, the cookies look great. I made the dough a little while ago and froze it because it...


Revenge of the Mac, Attack of the Mud

All of my mac devices must have a secret microchip in them that tells when new products are released and triggers a system failure. My mini still won’t start up and I’ve done every sort of system repair and restore...


A Veritable Smorgasbord

I feel like I overindulged this weekend, on many things, and it feels good. Friday was a beast of a day at the office, there’s a high profile site that has to be up today and all the content and...


distortion to static

I ran into on the train this morning and I’m reminded why I usually pretend not to see people I know on the metro. I’m generally pretty friggin boring on the way to work, but it was nice to see...


small blessings

My bowling game was craptacular tonight, but at least people complimented me on my shirt. It was the potluck night so we grabbed some chicken from across the street for our offering, but not a lot of people brought many...


turkey! coma! snow! games! wine! friends!

There was much feasting… and on the next day, I worked, bah. The office is extremely quiet, however so I can’t really complain. It should be a fairly quick day, I have some reports to bang out and light tasks...



Well it turned out rather nicely, I’m pleased! 😀


busy little kitchen witch

I’m not sure what happened to me, I used to look forward to cooking so much more than I do now. I think the lack of roommate willing to eat everything and the lack of someone else to cook for...


Baking Watch 2005

I found my sweet potato cheesecake recipe! *evil chuckle*


It’s a living

Well the weekend passed without too much incident. Went out to Badlands on Friday with Shawn and did the drinkin’ singin’ thing. Saturday saw me making cookies for our picnic movie, Grease, on the NIH lawn. And that was a...