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Please stop

If a show is funny in its original incarnation, do whatever it takes to acquire the rights to broadcast it and then DO SO. Stop remaking stuff that you catch on BBC America when you’re tired of seeing reality shows...


uh.. wow

Just finished “Army of Ghosts” and about to start “Doomsday” — wow.


Show me the funny…

I’ve been trying to get some good television in between the long bouts of napping and sleeping and lying down… and more napping. But when I’m sick, NOTHING is funny. I watched Comedy Central Presents, I watched bits on LOGO...


yer, but no, but yer, but no…

Thanks to the heads up from , I caught the first episode of the new season of Little Britain. It was definitely funny, but like him I wonder if they’ve got the staying power for a 4th. It’s nice to...


what went wrong?

Extras: BBC America: What Went Wrong? Thanks to for pointing to this one. Good op-article and the last two sentences gave me a bit of a chuckle.


new moon on monday

Sadly, the new moon didn’t help my bowling at all, my average continues to drop, but only by a point this week. Somehow Rob forgot it was bowling night so it was just Jenifer and I up against another team...

I have got to watch more Coupling

Salesman: “Why do girls like you always have a boyfriend?” Susan: “Because I have acute nymphomania and my own brewery.” Series 2, Episode 3 (Her Best Friend’s Bottom)