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caveat emptor: minimum what!?

Let me start off by saying that any business attempting to force a minimum purchase to use a credit card–while not illegal–is often in violation of their agreement with credit card issuers. A merchant can attempt to offset some business...


caveat emptor: Starbucks quietly raised prices

Since I’m living so close to the office now, I’ve been trying to be good and brew my coffee at home in the mornings. I used to hate this when it involved a metro ride since my travel mug doesn’t...


media: recycling IS bad!

It’s not very difficult for me to feel vindicated, but I often set my sights fairly low, so it’s more of a laidback vindication. It mostly involves discovering a copy of a TV show or ad that only I–or 2...


video: needs more DING-DONG!

I had a post brewing this morning about Zipcar and a recent utter failing, but as the commercial says: I found better stuff… “Carol of the Bells” is usually already pretty impressive when played or sung, but they killed it....


music: sharin’ the seasonal tunes

I completely forgot to mention yesterday, if you don’t happen to have a collection of alternative* holiday music, check out SomaFM’s Christmas Lounge (iTunes/Windows Media) I’ve been streaming it at work from time to time and at home to get...


video: flames, on the side of my… place

I didn’t really intend to have a blogging break, but it was probably a good thing for the holiday. Even so, it wasn’t meant to be such a long time away from writing. Once you’re out of the habit, it’s...


in DC: do you have a number or something?

When I posted last week’s observed encounter worthy of Holla Back DC! I didn’t think I’d have my own moment not too long after! After getting in from work Monday evening, I decided to take the Circulator over to Barracks...


at work: overheard

I know I married the guy, but combining our cell phone accounts? That’s a pretty big commitment. Happy Thanksgiving Eve, everyone!


Southern Lazy Sunday

I can’t always be bothered to take photos of the entire meal from prep to finish, especially when it isn’t my recipe! Plus it’s a crock pot meal and believe me, there’s a good six to eight hours when they...


ads: Oh no…!

Just a quickie to give people a smile leading into the weekend. I’ve been giggling at this commercial ever since it started airing. It’s one of the few ads that I don’t skip past when it comes on: Get the...