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According to E! Online’s Madonna Personality Test, my inner Madonna is: Fabulous, darling. I admit it, I’m addicted to meaningless net quizzes, but only ones that come up with cool results. I could honestly care less what my purity score...



Ok, not that anyone would want to, but you can link to my posts now! Blogger has all these cute tricks you can do to enhance the weblog. Which is sort of taking away from not having to do “work”...



Not like something doesn’t annoy me at least once a day anyway, but I was looking through an eBay auction I rather fancy and may bid on before going to the dentist, and the guy says, i will also leave...



Ok, I’ve been linked and spotted now and mentioned multiple times by Lexi, so I gotta give her some love back with a link.. Maybe I should start doing a favorite blogs on the net. But who has time to...



By the way, if you’re reading. Hi Lexi!!



Perhaps its a deadly sin, but I can’t help it. My blog has been linked to which is something I never really expected. Yes, ok I put counters on the page only ‘cos I’m curious. Earning a link on the...


He was only reading to see his name

Woo, weary day at work. For some reason I find little joy in baby showers and other parties, ‘cos I really do feel like we should just be working, and then having fun after hours (where we can drink, no...


I’m an attention whore!

I don’t know what’s gotten into me, updating this so much in one day, but I added a counter to the page out of sheer curiousity, since I just have to know if anyone’s actually reading these or if I’m...


my first pony… I mean post

Ok, so I’ve been thinking about doing something like this on my site for a long long time, and I think, do I want people to know stuff like this? Do I want to express things that may concern my...