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Washington Antiquarian Book Fair – April 28-29, 2017

In an era torn by partisan division and “fake news,” the Washington Antiquarian Book Fair is offering a welcome antidote: its 42nd annual celebration of books, knowledge and learning, April 28-29, 2017, in the heart of our nation’s capital.


UNCENSORED: DC Public Library Celebrates Banned Books Week

UNCENSORED is DC Public Library’s brand for their celebration of Banned Books Week (September 25-October 1), which includes public programming at Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library and 25 neighborhood libraries, along with a fundraiser for the DC Public Library Foundation, UNCENSORED: The Cocktail Party.


41st Annual Washington Antiquarian Book Fair

Book lovers rejoice: the Washington Antiquarian Book Fair returns to our nation’s capital! Celebrating its 41st year, the Fair returns this March 4-5, 2016 featuring new and longtime favorite exhibitors and collections. Over the course of two days, the fair...


On This Day: Shelfie!

Who knew I was so hip? Taking a shelfie before it was even a thing! I think the “On This Day” apps are fun… to a point. While it’s cool to see where I was, what I was posting on...


Joan Crawford’s Secret? Pickles!

A fun little post to round out the week and greet the holiday weekend. Teleworking yesterday, in between tasks and going to the gym1, my friend Steven posted the following image to Facebook: Joan Crawford, Film Star and Member of...


books: Pure Imagin–OMG…!

Well… I’m pretty terrified, how about you? To celebrate 50 years of Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, it’s being published as a Penguin Modern Classic. But the cover design is something like “The Stepford Wives” meets “Toddlers &...


books: intrigue & inspiration

Hard as it may be to believe, I still read books. Admittedly, most of them are comic books, but I’ve been trying once again take advantage of the commute or a little lunch break at the office to read. It...


books: Go the F**k to Sleep

The much talked about–and pirated, apparently–book, Go the Fuck to Sleep is now available on Amazon. Cleverly masquerading as a children’s book, it’s clearly for the exasperated parent to have a good laugh with and perhaps give as a gift...


TGIF: cheers and jeers

Jeers: File this first one in that category for things you want to say but that you should still give an additional 5-10 seconds of thought before so doing. [Warning, some of the tweets and/or Facebook comments linked in this...


books: a modest bestiary

My alarms go off at 5:15a and 6:05a in the morning and I’m usually woken up by the middle of an international story on NPR or if I hit the snooze button, The Writer’s Almanac.


in DC: Sara Moulton at Hill’s Kitchen

Just over a week ago, I was fortunate enough to meet one of my food idols. I’d already planned to make it a “food excursion day” with some friends, grabbing a bite on the Hill and heading up to Bethesda to check out a tea shop when we saw that Hill’s Kitchen was hosting Sara Moulton for a cooking demonstration and book signing. You never saw plans change so fast!


food: how-to-cook on your iPhone

Ok, now the iPhone Kindle application is earning its keep–even though it was already free. As mentioned before, The Cook’s Illustrated How-To-Cook Library is freely available from Amazon’s kindle and it’s big. I’m already a big fan of Cook’s Illustrated...


gadgets: mini-Kindle?

So maybe I don’t need to get a Kindle just yet. It looks like Amazon very quietly pushed out an application to the iTunes store within the last day or so. Free for iPhone/iPod Touch and syncs up with your...


comics: then they came for me…

I’ve known about the “First they came…” poem for ages, right about the time I started getting involved in queer groups. I didn’t know much about its history until today–thanks wikipedia–since it was always marked Anonymous on the magnets and...


books: Hollywood Bohemians

Hollywood Bohemians: Transgressive Sexuality and the Selling of the Movieland Dream Picture Garbo and Dietrich in men’s tailored suits, female impersonators drawing the stars to their nightclubs, and designers bringing a gay aesthetic to dresses–decades before Project Runway. Wild, and...