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Ghibellina: Gamberi e Polenta

Tried a new place for brunch a few weekends ago, Ghibellina on 14th St NW. Had a lovely shrimp and polenta dish and overall enjoyed the experience. Would definitely head back for another visit.


“You walked a half marathon.”

I often wonder about participating in races, like a 5k or a half marathon. But I rarely realize that sometimes I do the equivalent of it just walking around the city on the weekend!


Sunday. Self-Care. Solidarity.

Woke up on Sunday, a little motivated. By the end of the day I had taken care of myself, treated myself, and joined a demonstration outside the White House because this is not normal.


Humdrum Doldrums

I am stuck in a rut. This isn’t surprising, really. Ruts are comfortable, habits are easy, keeping things even-keeled is very attractive. Change isn’t necessarily scary for me, but putting forth that effort can be.


Brunch: The Majestic, Old Town, Alexandria, VA

Brunch at a new place? Yes indeed! I was in Old Town Alexandria this past weekend and took advantage of The Majestic’s new brunch menu. It’s definitely worth the trip. Good cocktails, good food… I’ll be back again.


Klingle Ford Bridge

Last Sunday, I was up and ready for my usual brunch at Medium Rare a bit earlier than usual so I decided to take a bus to Woodley Park and walk north to Cleveland Park with the extra time.1 It’s...


Chicken and Waffles at Woodward Table

While the origins of chicken and waffles seem to be divided between the North and the South, I still suppose it was surprising that I had never really had them until moving to DC which seems firmly entrenched between the...


food: Chef Michel Richard at Medium Rare

“This is my friend Michel.” …cut to Brian quietly freaking out. So, yeah, that happened. I already posted the photo to every. single. place. imaginable… but it also needed to be here. I figured it to be the usual epic...


Brunch at Petits Plats

Since Saturday turned out to be extremely pleasant, after hitting the 14th & U Farmers Market, we decided to venture over to Woodley Park and find a bit of brunch. I hadn’t been to any of the restaurants along the...


We Brunch Hard

It’s like I keep telling people, brunch isn’t just some cutesy little meal for the chicks and the gays, brunch ain’t no joke! Baratunde Thurston just linked to this on twitter. Not normally known for his food-related comments, I clicked...


Brunch at Bar Pilar

After a museum visit downtown, we found ourselves wanting a little nosh and I mentioned Bar Pilar. While we were both thinking burgers, it turned out that they were only serving from the brunch menu (PDF) at that time. Not...


time: birthday week, birthday week…

I am still deriving far too much pleasure from adding whatever word I like after “birthday” and singing it to the tune of Birthday Sex by Jeremih.* I was lucky (?) enough to hear this song during brunch at Tonic...


food: brunch at eventide

If I had the time and could find a coffeehouse that offered this, I’d be happy to delay my start time at the office for a little sit down and a nice cup of coffee. Being french press, this did...


food: brunch at the tap room

’nuff said. Ok, not really, but I think I can still feel some of this brunch creating a food baby in my belly. Since Sunday turned out to be such a nice day, I ventured forth to Clarendon to meet...


food: brunch in the burbs

I wasn’t sure I’d get in a brunch this weekend. That wouldn’t have made a very good start to The Brunch Project. The week moved more quickly than I thought, even though it didn’t feel like it and when Friday...