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This is getting old… and so am I!

Why was I so salty after the holiday weekend? Why am I still annoyed going into my birthday week? Why is there a picture of Cher here? Read on, viewers.


“Do not push me.”

Is it me, or does this progression of spam comments submitted to my blog sound like a set of dating site messages gone very wrong?


Life of Brian: Coat

We recently had another weird temperature surge and then dip, as you get used to with the approach of Spring and it reminded me of the Life of Brian story I’d first thought of to post. It’s silly, not very...


quips: -tion…

Sometimes the silly quips about dating you trade back and forth in your youth end up still applying to your life in later years.


tragic: the blathering

I suppose it should be a given that any article starting out, “This story sounds mean.” is probably going to be mean and make someone look bad. Unfortunately a recent article on Gizmodo, “the Gadget Guide” makes its author look like a “mean girl”.


dating: there’s an app for that

The other day MM told me about this new app for the iPhone from Intelius called Date Check: “Date Check is like having a private investigator in your purse,” John Arnold, co-founder of Intelius and executive vice president of business...


He’s eyeing the exits and doing calf stretches…

A while back during a happy hour, Michael, Fredo and I were discussing the “emergency call” that you set up with a friend in advance of a first/blind date. Since Fredo and I both have iPhones, I called him and...


dating: It’s been one week…

I can handle flaky, some people thrive on being flaky while others exhibit it to such a degree that everyone else around them consciously or subconsciously works to pick up the slack. Mistakes are ignored, fatal slips are instantly forgiven...


true love? let’s check your saliva!

My distaste for eHarmony and their endless stream of sickening commercials is already well known, but a new service seems to take it one step further. GenePartner matches men and women by analyzing their DNA. I couldn’t find any information...