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Real City

More short speculative fiction, today’s is Real City by Carrie Vaughn. It takes a look at a future where everyone’s wired into datalinks, you can know more raw information about someone in the few seconds it takes to cross the...


The Perfect Man

She doesn’t want a nice guy full of plain-vanilla respect for her. She wants an unreliable, vaguely creepy arsehole with an unholy lust for her body. Salon prints a short story of speculative fiction by Lauren McLaughlin, “The Perfect Man”...


2 part (e)harmony

*cue ‘This Will Be (an everlasting love)’ I usually only have to think of eharmony’s annoying as hell commercials to keep me from considering using any online dating service. They’ve spoiled it all for me, especially with their “proven successful...


At least she tried

Jenifer, bless her heart, tried to set me up tonight, and even though it didn’t go well, in my opinion, I really appreciate it. One of my uberlist items last year was to let a friend set me up on...


“You in danger, girl.”

Amazon Women on the Moon predicted it: (Name Here) Is a Liar and a Cheat. “It’s like a dating credit report” for women. – someone totally needs to develop iTrick into a full fledged website.


Be My TiVo-lentine?

Ever wish your TiVo® WishList® or TiVo Suggestions could score YOU the perfect match? Come flirt with the possibility of finding your own special someone, “TiVo-style.” PLUS get 2 free drinks AND be automatically entered in a raffle for one...


i just liked pulling off the petals

I recall once after a break up, talking to about whether or not I loved the person and she had some good advice (hell that conversation may be somewhere in this journal) and the following article is a good personal...


oh yeah, a bit of good news

The date, I guess I call it a date now, I had on Friday went pretty well, actually. I was nervous since I don’t normally do the blind date thing. Not out of any personal preferences against it, I just...


them want flex with us

Not a bad morning so far, went out for coffee, got a little bit of a late start, but that hardly affects anything aside from the faces on the metro train. I’ve been listening to “pump up” music on the...


the ‘ex’-files

I’m generally not in the habit of posting about my ex-boyfriends, I may post about them while they’re current boyfriends, but a short time after the breakup, I just don’t. They come up as parts of my past, but I...