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in DC: desperately seeking an apartment

All good things come to an end, I suppose. After a nice 5 year or so run in my current apartment, all signs are pointing to my needing to find a new place to live. Considering that my lease becomes...


in DC: “I am a politician who is moral.”

I thought it would be enough to post this to Facebook, but I’m still shaking my head and laughing this morning. About 150 people rallied in Freedom Plaza outside D.C.’s City Hall to denounce support for same-sex marriage in the...


work: this is getting to be a habit

I gotta say, it’s been a pretty good few months for this new building. 43rd President, 44th First Lady and today the 44th President and Vice-President. From what I understand, historically, these visits are a pretty big deal since the...


idiots: a reason for red-light cameras

The first time I saw this shirt around the neighborhood, I nearly lost my shit cracking up. A little research shows that it had only existed for a few months prior to that sighting. I didn’t know exactly what it...


DC: money in the bags

Or as I’m sure the plan will come to be called… nickel bags. I remember when San Francisco banned plastic bags, and some shopping chains followed suit nationwide like IKEA & Whole Foods. I even remember when stores would reward...


brunch: Chef Geoff’s Downtown

Even though I cook a lot at home, I started to feel that I was only satisfying part of my foodie nature. Cooking at home is my option when a number of friends don’t materialize that want to go out...


snow: SNOW!!!

I should have had faith. I did my snow dance last night, even dreamed of snow among other things and woke up to… nothing. No snow outside, just a faint white dusting of salt that had been forced into a...


in DC: museum’ing, anyone?

Since neither of us had been since the renovation, R and I headed over to the National Museum of American History. Even though it was a pretty chilly day out, it was fairly crowded, perhaps Inauguration leftover tourists. There were...


DC: gird your loins!*

Are you ready for some Inauguration!? I do wish I’d known about the parade rehearsal as that would have been interesting to see and about as close as I wish to get to any of that nonsense. Though apparently even...


bloggers: I wanna dip my balls in it!

If you don’t know where the title comes from, you really need to educate yourself*. Today is just one of those days at the office that’s just… well I was telling Michael that I need to come up a phrase...


DC: stomping grounds

Used to be a time when if you called me up and said “Feel like walking around the city today?” I’d be hard-pressed to say yes unless it was a date, or there was the promise of booze or sex...


Macy’s: Fabulosity

Loved this window display from the Macy’s in downtown DC. As Kyle said, it’s so clear that a member of our family had a heavy hand in putting this together.