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books: Pure Imagin–OMG…!

Well… I’m pretty terrified, how about you? To celebrate 50 years of Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, it’s being published as a Penguin Modern Classic. But the cover design is something like “The Stepford Wives” meets “Toddlers &...


geek chic: The Colour Clock

introducing the colour clock. an experimental project that represents the current time as a hexadecimal colour.


2009: high spirits and a full belly

</2008> <2009> I was told that my last two posts were a little on the Ebenezer Scrooge side. Personally, I think the person that thought that can bite my shiny metal ass, but in this weather they might have trouble...


Are we sure this is August?

I don’t want to rock the boat too much because I’d love for this type of weather in August to become the norm. It was too nice to stay indoors today so Kyle and I headed out and about. Our...


the world is not such an awesome place

One of the issues lately that really makes my blood boil is Photographers’ Rights. The idea that taking a photograph makes someone a terrorist is just stupid. And giving someone (usually a rent-a-cop) the arbitrary power to question and/or detain...


Vibrance, Vitality, Verve… Vivanno™!

Kris said that they were good and he was not wrong! It tastes a bit like the old Carnation Instant Breakfasts, but a little richer. And I did observe the barista putting in a whole banana and whey powder, so...


Few too many?

I’m moving a little slowly this morning after a lovely evening with friends last night. As mentioned before, there is such a thing as too many gins, but it’s so much fun experimenting to find out just what that number...