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Nerd, thy name is…

There’s really just no denying it when I see a thumbnail ad for this Facebook Marketplace item and read it as “2 Marching Black and White Daleks” The obvious flaw that Daleks don’t march is completely irrelevant… Also, I watched...


The Year of Brian?

Well, it sounds better than The Weekend of Brian, right? That’s what it seems to be, however. Fri/Sat, I got yet another much needed break and visited Justin’s family at the Chesapeake. We had dinner at Stoney’s (oh those crab...


We are in a car.

Mickey Smith: Okay, no time to explain, we need to get inside the school. Do you have, like, I don’t know, a lock picking device? K9: We are in a car. Mickey: Maybe a drill attachment? K9: We are in...


Random Roundup

It’s so pretty. The Alex Ross cover for the upcoming Heroes graphic novel coming out on November 7. Half the books will print with the Alex Ross cover, half with a cover by Jim Lee. I might have to pick...


“…he’s my hero”

A little “kids say the most enlightened things” moment from John Barrowman: I was doing another kind of signing thing at a press conference where I was signing autographs and a little boy came up to me with his father....


Can’t get you out of my TARDIS

Forget the iPhone, there’s real news afoot: Kylie Minogue to star in Doctor Who episode!! She’ll be playing a major lead role alongside David Tennant in the upcoming Christmas Special, Voyage of the Damned. Filming starts in Cardiff this month....


Ah, memories!

Tonight’s transfer candidates… I don’t know if the second one has ever been released on DVD but I’ve never found the first on anything but VHS. I love technology!


uh.. wow

Just finished “Army of Ghosts” and about to start “Doomsday” — wow.


Fish: The.. 2nd runner up white meat

Mmmm, Baked Tilapia – recipe here. I generally stick to the meat with legs, but in my last order to Peapod tilapia fillets were on sale and I generally steam them, however I find it hard to infuse them with...


The Idiot’s Lantern

Who was good. Very good. I won’t really go into the weekend so far. I’m not really in a good place, but I’ll say that LJ hides no sins, and you really only have yourself to blame. I’m really in...