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“Got my back?” Check one: Y / N

There is no easy way to convey how on our guard or walking on eggshells some people of color (especially QPoC) are in predominantly white spaces.


“…being offended is pointless”

Have been seeing “…being offended is pointless” and similar sentiments lately, usually when being told “there are more important things to worry about”, and I disagree.


Best Cat GIF Ever?

I don’t know if this is really the best cat GIF ever, but it’s certainly giving me a smile this morning. If I had energy like that? Who’d need coffee?! — Revisiting an old favorite. At times, Facebook’s “On This Day” is good for making me laugh instead of making me sad.


André Sousa: “Gin and Tonics”

André Sousa gives us a “then and now” look at ordering and making the very simple gin and tonic… More than a little reminiscent of Portlandia’s “Mixology” episode where Carrie is given a “ginger-based bourbon drink infused with honey, lemon,...


Nobody Owns Your Content But You

Continuing on the subject of paying people for their work, let me also state the obvious point that copying–or to put it a better way, stealing–someone’s work is flat out wrong. This is a lesson that brands, both established and...


Double-Shot Macchiato at The Bean Counter

As Facebook’s On This Day is doing its best to make sure I don’t forget a rather painful and difficult breakup from three years ago1, I’m trying to focus on more pleasant, more recent experiences. Found myself in Georgetown with...


On This Day: Shelfie!

Who knew I was so hip? Taking a shelfie before it was even a thing! I think the “On This Day” apps are fun… to a point. While it’s cool to see where I was, what I was posting on...


Baby got… Bechdel (-Wallace) Test

Update: Alison Bechdel has stated before that she got the idea for the strip from a friend Liz Wallace and more recently said that she would be happy now calling it The Bechdel-Wallace Test. I saw this tweet shared on...


Screenshot Sherlock

Web comic CommitStrip–a blog relating the daily trials of web developers–shares an experience common to many of us. We’ve all done it. Especially when someone is using their desktop for a video tutorial or sharing it in a streaming meeting....