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video: Yule Blog

Inspired by Fredo’s semi-famous photo of him enjoying the televised Yule Log and a few fun moments from Corner Gas [starts at 4 mins], I decided to seek out a Yule Log video this year. I’m not sure how I’ve...


food: the good, the fast and the ugly

It certainly starts out from good looking ingredients, no? In my constant trying and testing of kitchen gadgetry, I’ve recently become a fan of microwave steaming bags. They’re made from “food safe plastic”–kind of odd, they’d explicitly state that and...


booze: from the land of pleasant living

Spotted near the trash bins outside my building. I think I love the tagline the most: From the Land of Pleasant Living. Why yes, I do live rather pleasantly whenever possible. I’m not a beer person at all, but it...


Macy’s: Fabulosity

Loved this window display from the Macy’s in downtown DC. As Kyle said, it’s so clear that a member of our family had a heavy hand in putting this together.


sports: Yes, that’s right, sports.

As Natalie says, “I love tickets!” So when Michael had an extra ticket to the Caps game last night, I put my name on the waiting list. I’m not usually a sports guy, and I haven’t been to a hockey...


work: Repent and Live

I have mentioned before that I’m like management poison? Hmm, yes I have, sort of. Our team used to be huge, then it shrank right around the time that the contract was going through layoffs, so it was a “good”...


Sunday: rain, rain, go away!

Ok who found our really nice weather and replaced it with this soggy rainy dreary crap? I’m all for lazy Sundays, but you want to feel like you could go somewhere if you had to. Aside from an early morning...


word of the day: spill

Setbacks, never a fun thing for me. Most of the time, I don’t even notice setbacks, I just push through. I only notice them when I’m at the end of my rope, resources depleted and it will really only take...


holiday: La Bouche Thursday

As Kyle and I were making our way through glasses of sangria and litres of his unpronounceable heifer-something beer, we declared that night a Bon Jovi Friday, even though it wasn’t really one. However we knew that the next Wednesday...


office: best advice ever

I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to the day–hopefully day and a ½–off. I’m not bothering with all the nonsense of travel, but staying in town as in previous years. Like a moron, I also...