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The Week in Review

Sunday: First date. Walked our asses off. Dinner in Chinatown. Thus begun the birthday week. Monday: Actually… nothing of note really happened today. Which is kinda good for a Monday in world. Tuesday: Bowling season started, Everett and I are...


it’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

I just noticed this on my groggy morning walk to the metro. I haven’t had any issues with the new iTunes aside from the icon not copying to the desktop properly upon install, but the new update for my iPod...


I admit it, I’m a big ‘mo

When I look at the picture of Tom/Katie/Suri on the cover Vanity Fair, all I can think is that Suzanne Sugarbaker came by the house before the pictures and gave the parents a baby wig to slap on that child....


Curse you, Ernesto!

Ok, I really think I’m ready to come home now. It’s rainy, windy, cold (for the beach), I see people outside in rain gear nearly unable to walk around the grounds from the winds and the weather reports on tv...


Day Trip!

Still here, still loving it and still getting up early, but at least today I actually FEEL like I’m on vacation. Monday morning and not racing out of bed to get dressed and to work… *sigh* Yesterday we headed into...


Free Brownie Squares!

As if ordering a whole pizza wouldn’t do enough for your health, they’ll add an order of free brownies squares with it! However today, they’re giving out brownie samples for free! Seen here.


Too many oranges!

What do most people do when they have too much fruit around the house before it goes bad? Eat it? Oh no, too simple. Got oranges? Make sorbet and sangria! As much as I love fresh squeezed juice in the...


Afternoon Geek Delight

I mentioned AudioFaucet in a post a little while back, took a snapshot of the tv this morning because I still can’t get over how much I love it! Free app, lets me have the music through the tv and...