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This is a gay establishment…

This is a gay establishment. Owned and operated by gay people, for gay people. We reserve the right to refuse entrance or service to anyone at any time. An amusing shot from the night Will and I barely gave the...


Fairly non-notable weekend, actually

I’d decided to devote the weekend, or large parts of it, to playing my City of Heroes character Starchilde as she was at level 39 and was long overdue to reach level 40, so I managed to do that… fairly...


Separated at Birth?

Condoleezza Rice [full image here] Nurse from “Eye of the Beholder” [full image here] Something about Condi’s picture today just struck me as familiar… And she totally looks like a Domme in that outfit. Moose could learn something! From now...


RSS Feeds?!

I’ll bake cookies for someone that can tell me how to easily bring in my RSS feeds to WordPress as entries with their own categories. I’ve looked all over and I just don’t see any easy to use scripts, or...


with 4 days of Black History month left

Black History and Ads Don’t Mix, Activists Say Wouldn’t have this article made more sense closer to the beginning/middle of the month? Anyway… Yesterday I was sick. It wasn’t fun, but thankfully Will was kind enough to offer me a...


Ankh, originally uploaded by Sombra. from someone else’s photostream on flickr… this cat has the right idea.


Gotcha!, originally uploaded by urbanbohemian. This and other pictures of the puppy monster Miles can be found here. He’s an adorable dog, just doesn’t realize how big he is, the poor pup!