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turkey! coma! snow! games! wine! friends!

There was much feasting… and on the next day, I worked, bah. The office is extremely quiet, however so I can’t really complain. It should be a fairly quick day, I have some reports to bang out and light tasks...


busy little kitchen witch

I’m not sure what happened to me, I used to look forward to cooking so much more than I do now. I think the lack of roommate willing to eat everything and the lack of someone else to cook for...


a world of apples

I don’t often read the labels on fruit juice beyond percentage of juice and sugar content, but this morning I turned my apple juice bottle around to see if the ingredients were all apple or if they used pear and...


news flash: you can find things on Google

One for the, “Well, Duh” file: My Dinner With Google | washingtonpost.com But it does have a great closer, Printout in hand, we cooked, ate and delighted in a concoction we never would have conjured without Google. Then, dessert caught...



forgive me Moose DCist: In Search of Bovinity Bovinity NOUN 1. A state of mind that can only be realized through the perfect incarnation of ground beef prepared in a manner that completely and absolutely satisfies a human’s craving for...


if the name fits – whole paycheck

If the Name “Whole Paycheck” fits… | Accidental Hedonist I first heard the name “Whole Paycheck” from Moose.. and like most local/cultural nicknames, I had no idea what he was talking about. Then again, if I hadn’t pestered people to...


Is It OK To Fetishize Cookware?

Is It OK To Fetishize Cookware? / All-Clad and Calphalon make Mark Morford blush like a schoolgirl. You know you want it I have a thing for Calphalon One. The dark aluminum, the deadly serious matte finish, the simple, cream-colored,...


moose! (a la “Murder by Death”)

Tonight, I learned two (maybe more) things. One, WMATA doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing with their little Trip Planner piece of shit thing. I had to wait nearly 30 mins for a bus that I arrived EARLY for,...


whoa.. too much fun

It would be impossible to do justice to today in a journal entry, but it consisted of meeting up with Jenifer, Mike () and Michael () for brunch and then seeing Wallace and Gromit (sans Jenifer), then heading out to...


Baking Watch 2005

I found my sweet potato cheesecake recipe! *evil chuckle*