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The power of self-expression

This is why she’s the writer and I’m not. I promise to treat my friends with respect and courtesy. I also want you to know that I am your friend because there are things about you I like and find...


Quel apropos

I’m not sure that a dance party could have a more appropriate name tonight.


who needs words when I have webcomics?

Ah Friday, the payoff day for most webcomics. Today’s Real Life (in which the character is just starting a new job) shows that geeks are indeed, everywhere. But silly comic character, you can set your TiVo from the internet, duh!...


Pretty Damn Good New Year

Ok it was better than pretty good, here comes the eagerly-anticipated (there I go again, being all delusional) recap of New Year’s Eve… This turned out to be long, so I’m cutting it up by day. 🙂 Friday at work...


I can feel that leap second!

Happy New Year everyone! I’m actually still kinda coming down off of last night and there will be a full accounting later, but some things are sorta still happening. But the quickie recap: Dinner with Jenifer at City Lights Drinks...


burnt rice means home

It’s been a pretty productive weekend. I tried to get the whole Christmas spirit and think of others and buy gifts and such. We headed to Potomac Mills and by phone I found out that I couldn’t really find anything...


the best laid plans

Jenifer said yesterday that when making plans in DC, you should expect the unexpected and she was right. It was to be our hooky day, I went in and worked a 1/2 day, and even after 4 hours was in...


pith and vinegar

Contrary to the Express snippage yesterday, I don’t wake up every morning in my online guise of Angry Ranting Blogger. Most days go quite well, I’m a pretty patient person and it takes a lot to really get under my...


stay in bed, forget the rest

I am floating high on daytime cold meds at the moment… In the weekly meeting this morning, I was absolutely fascinated with my pen’s see-through ink chamber. Right now I’m just pretty loopy, in the quiet way, it’ll take me...


you are cordially not invited

Just a little something that came up throughout the weekend… This is a very social season, so it’s expected that there are a lot of parties going on, all the time. And of course not everyone is going to be...