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with 4 days of Black History month left

Black History and Ads Don’t Mix, Activists Say Wouldn’t have this article made more sense closer to the beginning/middle of the month? Anyway… Yesterday I was sick. It wasn’t fun, but thankfully Will was kind enough to offer me a...


3 days is never enough

Long weekends are never long enough. I want a holiday that rates a full 7 day weekend. One for every type of service industry, so no one’s left out. I’d give up Starbucks and Popeye’s for a week and cook...


One of my muses, Sean

Sean West dotcom » Blog Archive » New Year, New Beginning. Sean’s one of the ones that prompted my switching to WordPress. Mainly this is just testing out the Trackback thingy. 🙂


Metro Moving

Metro Moving, by Fredosan. I was so tempted to swipe this picture to use on my journal, but then I saw that Fredo had already used it for his. Ah well, it’s still a fantastic photograph. I need to find...

I am having a ‘funk’ week…

It’s only Tuesday, but I know I’m in a funk. Thankfully it isn’t the lashing out at people type of funk, but I’m just overly concerned about .. everything. Money, weight, dating, cleaning, wardrobe… fun. Mostly money right now though,...


not in the best of moods

Today wasn’t too bad. I went bowling and to lunch and to Home Depot and to get my bowling ball resurfaced. I think my friends can tell I’m not in the best of moods, but they’re keeping me company and...


Confide in me

I just talked with Al and I feel a bit better. I don’t have a lot of friends locally that I consider confidants so it was nice to have someone I could just talk to about the situation and not...


How does one love a snorer?

Last night was a good time, I hung out with Christopher and his friend Kerri for a little finger food and cocktails, to be followed up by dessert and dessert wine.. and lemon shots, oy. But we managed to stumble...


bowling moments

The assembled league, in action Rob’s masterful bowling form The team, minus 1 The team, minus a different 1


More wisdom from the Hax

Carolyn continues to come through.. maybe I should write her sometime… Not that the following situation is exactly the same as mine, but it’s close. Loss of respect for a friend is tough, but it’s harder because you wonder if...