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There aren’t many people going for the water today, that could be due to the cold & dreary weather, or it could be the seemingly endless numbers of jellyfish arising from the ocean. So far I’ve seen them multiple days...


Wish you were here…

The view from our condo in Bethany. Still having a wonderful time. 🙂 Full-sized photo here


do I have to leave?

The beach is lovely, wireless is spotty. We are actually in a resort managed 2-bedroom condo with den. The resort, Sea Colony, has a private beach, exercise room, pools, jacuzzi, it’s great. You have to wear little colored badges to...


Damn this game!

I’ve recently found Sudoku and it may help the drive down to the beach feel shorter.. or a lot more frustrating. Nice way to spend a good 15 mins… or over an hour.