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memes are evil, mm’kay?

A funny set of scans from Gen13 issues 43 and 44 (1999) regarding the potential danger of memes. Damn dirty music memes!, via posted by


It’s all clear to me now

I finally understand how people lost weight eating Lean Pockets! After you make them according to the packet’s directions and give it the recommended time to cool off, plus a little more time for good measure, you start eating it....


friday fragments

Mused by moi: What is the point of the little marshmallows in instant hot cocoa when they’re gone and dissolved by the time it cools enough for you to drink it? Joke/line I hadn’t heard before related by co-worker: “I...


Call it a kabob

‘cos they just got skewered Baby, You Mean The World of Warcraft To Me | The Onion There is no other way to put it: You take my breath bar away. Why do we need to go out to have...


They’re not dolls, they’re action figures

Ah this video from YouTube is just what I needed on this rainy Monday morning. Secret Wars Re-Enactment Society, it makes me want to go home right now and pull out my TPB. (Yes, I know Secret Wars is considered...


Overheard on the Internets!

Speaking of which, I hear there’s some comic adaptation of that V for Vendetta movie. I’m sure it was facetious, but it still made me crack up. And I’m not saying where I saw it… just in case they weren’t...


Oh wait, just one more

[…] Imperial Pilsner We wouldn’t waste our […] on the kind of beer drinker who decides what to drink based on which brewery spends the most on advertising and the least on ingredients, we brewed it for the rest of...


Too lazy

Why bother coming up with content this morning, when the Express made me giggle on the way into work. There’s the tv review calling the cast of MTV’s “The Real World” photogenic famewhores. And the following question from an AP...


Based on a true story…

Inspiration for W&G’s Were-Rabbit? The picture shown is of a German breeding rabbit, but sheesh! Who knew they could be so large? The Reuters article reports the locals saying their “terrorizing” rabbit is nearly the size of a dog. And...


oh my gosh! that’s not funny!

Only Al Franken could make me enjoy listening to him (faux) vomit on the audio book of “The Truth (with jokes)”.. twice! Discussing Rove’s dishonest tactics made him sick, hilarious. [Bonus: video interview with Franken about the book]


Jumping the shark gun

see full size for detail Congratulations, [placeholder for winning team]! I blinked at this e-mail for a few minutes like “What’s wrong with this picture?” And I don’t really follow sports so for a moment I thought everything was said...


Overheard in my Office

A co-worker told me about the following story: Purple Pain for Prince’s Landlord. Prince is being sued by a Utah Jazz basketball player for violating the terms of his lease on a ($70,000/mo) rental house. I said, “You can’t sue...


Wait… is that some kinda fat joke?

Girl: Jimmy was trying to set him up with you, but I told him that you don’t date outside your BMI. –R train From Overheard in New York’s Wednesday One Liners