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evil thoughts

Is it really wrong of me to wish that Ruben Studdard would release an album titled Rubenesque?


yes, this is how my mind works

My comments while IM’ing with a friend: Emoticons, sounds like a branch of the Decepticons. They transform from giant robots into coffeehouse open mic night angst. If Michael Bay uses that, I’ll sue. Though Penny Arcade’s take on his vision...


Holy Motility, Batman!

I can’t seem to get to the original link mentioned here, but Uneasy Silence reports on someone using the underside of their MacBook to cook an egg. I want one of these things, but I’d like to be able to...


SPAM funnies!

Subject of a spam e-mail this morning about cheap erectile dysfunction pills: Hi, Non-aryan.


History, Bucky Style

The full funny is here, but just this clip was enough to crack me up. It’s a slow morning otherwise, I still have lines from last night’s movie running through my head and we get cupcakes later today to celebrate...


Once, twice…

I’m not really sure why but about the only thing that kept me from killing many a tourist today was getting compliments on this shirt from about everyone that passed. I kept looking down to make sure I hadn’t spilled...


I needed a chuckle

I’m about to head into a 2-hr workshop on cyber security, I need a laugh. Bless you webcomics! Penny Arcade: Men Are From Krypton Real Life: Casual Gamers Anonymous *ahh, that’s better. That CGA joke is SO true as well....