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Quote of the Day

Light travels faster than sound. That’s why some people appear bright before you hear them speak. — Unknown


Totally worth the click

Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt Energy Drink Its time for the Steven Seagal Experience! There is no telling what will happen once you get his juices inside you! Massive explosions, intense hand to hand combat, speaking in cryptic monotone dialog, who...


Postcoital Friday

What Do You Say After Sex? Aries: I’m hungry, pass the pizza. Taurus: Okay, Ok lets do it again… Gemini: Have you seen the TV remote? Cancer: When are we getting married? Leo: Wasn’t I fantastic? Virgo: I need to...


a Japanese slingshot!

I didn’t realize that AXE made mens’ underwear, nor that the styles were so… accomodating! Watch Axe Boxer Shorts – ‘Pants’


Dame Edna’s alter ego finally snaps!

‘Dame Edna’ Punches Persistent Photographer in Sydney | FOXNews.com “I can confirm to you that Barry did hit him,” [publicist Suzie] Howie said. “He was obviously very upset.” “But at least he didn’t throw a phone,” added Howie. And soon...


memes are evil, mm’kay?

A funny set of scans from Gen13 issues 43 and 44 (1999) regarding the potential danger of memes. Damn dirty music memes!, via posted by


It’s all clear to me now

I finally understand how people lost weight eating Lean Pockets! After you make them according to the packet’s directions and give it the recommended time to cool off, plus a little more time for good measure, you start eating it....


friday fragments

Mused by moi: What is the point of the little marshmallows in instant hot cocoa when they’re gone and dissolved by the time it cools enough for you to drink it? Joke/line I hadn’t heard before related by co-worker: “I...


Call it a kabob

‘cos they just got skewered Baby, You Mean The World of Warcraft To Me | The Onion There is no other way to put it: You take my breath bar away. Why do we need to go out to have...