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The Big Gay Agenda, Revealed!

The Gate’s columnist Mark Morford (I advise adding his feed to your RSS reader) recently wrote a column praising Brokeback Mountain today goes after The Homosexual Agenda and begins to reveal what “the gays” really want… Do you know what...



I’m watching Will and Grace that my TiVo recorded for me… and I’m kinda sorta enjoying it. Just shoot me now.


This is a gay establishment…

This is a gay establishment. Owned and operated by gay people, for gay people. We reserve the right to refuse entrance or service to anyone at any time. An amusing shot from the night Will and I barely gave the...


Gay television & Pink Tube

Gay television & Pink Tube I love the 15 suggestions in this article.. it could cause me to watch every year. Though keep Chris Rock as host, unless he pulls back too much and just isn’t funny.


This is worth reading

(A speech made at Cooper Union, New York on Sunday, November 7, 2004, presented by HIV Forum in conjunction with NYU’s Office of LGBT Student Services, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids, Callen-Lorde, and the Gill Foundation.) “The Tragedy of Today’s Gays”...


I’ll be there

I’m not about to say that my new bowling league is tons better than my old bowling league, however the lanes are kept up better which has made a huge difference on my game, in one night I averaged better...


‘Gay is here to stay.’

CNN.com – Entertainment – Gay issues, characters, join prime time – October 16, 2000 Oddly enough, I don’t really care. What they call “gay issues” are generally stereotypes that you hear about, or maybe happened to a friend of a...



Anytime we get some kind of “non-political” political event here in the area, the city gets overrun with people. Admittedly I was able to get to work even earlier than normal ‘cos they’re expecting all manner of crowds. But in...



Yes I am, since unless you look like this: chances are, you ain’t getting any attention. You can also look like the other end of the extreme which is more “rugged faux-masculine” generally with a military haircut. Now I can’t...



Though it’s passing now. I got up early today to make the train by 5:30a and as I was walking from my car to the terminal, I noticed a couple walking the same way. Then the gentleman, copied shortly by...



Well, yeah, while Shawn’s parents are in town, he’s hanging out with them, and since I won’t allow myself to have anything to do with Michael or Adam right now that doesn’t leave anyone else. I tried calling Thomas but...


Most gay men are incredibly shallow

An excerpt from another site today as I’m not feeling up to talking about how I feel. This sums it up fairly well… Just so I give proper credit, this is from my friend (well I know him from IRC...