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So, um… no. Just, no. Not that I don’t think personalized license plates can be cool, nerdy, appropriate, pop cultural and all that, but seeing this on a truck on our way back from a morning walk? NO. Just as...


manners: not dead, just evolved?

A Facebook friend posted this image last week and initially I looked at it as one of those “go viral” images with a message so simple that people feel compelled to share and like it. At the same time, I...


accessories: “Man Candles”

I love my Yankee Candles, but this latest limited-time collection from them is causing more than a few eyerolls around the web. At first I thought they just released 4 new scents and that others were nicknaming them as such,...


culture: “Man up!”

I take issue with the phrase in general, but is it an indicator of another cultural shift in the way we’re viewing men and gender roles?


sports: Woman of Steel, Society of Kleenex

I just had a thought about the whole Caster Semenya thing. I won’t go into how ridiculous the controversy seems, but this line kept sticking out to me: Semenya is not accused of trying to cheat, but of perhaps unknowingly...


Frizzy Friday

While I’m all for growing my hair back out for a while, I’m really glad that it’s still short today. I won’t continue moaning about the state of the temperature in my apartment… well maybe just a little, bit. I...


It comes down to the individual

I’m sure the company that won the food service contract for my cafeteria has a great reputation for service and customer care, but a record on paper means nothing when you have to deal face to face with crappy employees...


A disappointment and a distraction

Everett and I won’t be bowling with the Tuesday night league anymore, we submitted our two week notice yesterday and to my knowledge we’ve received no response yet from the President or Secretary. It sucks, because I like bowling, I...


gender neutrality was just a red herring

This is silly, I know. Amazon was looking at my recent clicks and suggested some things to me, one of them being a board game based on the series Yu-Gi-Oh!: Capsule Monsters, which I mentioned yesterday. Now while some giggled...