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I wonder if I can send this one in to Mythbusters?

A poll released yesterday by the Associated Press made it official: Americans are more likely to believe in ghosts (34 percent) than to believe that President Bush is doing a good job with the war in Iraq (29 percent). —...


All Hallow’s Blues

Happy Halloween everyone. I thought I’d gotten to the point where this was just another day, socially speaking. Religiously is another matter. But I find myself a little down for some reason. I guess in the past, Halloween and the...


In these shoes?!

Anyone hitting 17th St for the High Heel Race tonight? I’ll be there, camera in hand.


more making with the funny

Best Halloween costumes I’ve seen so far. For the couple that never left Spring Break behind: Tequila and Lime! I love the other booze-related costumes listed on the Fright Catalog page too. I don’t know what the plans are for...



Oatmeal first thing in the morning is truly a good thing. Well Joey wanted to meet for breakfast, but had to cancel, so I hope to catch up with him again soon. So odd that he gets to this area...



It’s been such a long weekend. I’m here at work, but barely here and finding it harder and harder to give a damn about this place. I guess I slept enough, in that when I woke up there was no...



Or maybe I’m not.. who can say? I’m skipping days and I don’t know why. I suppose I’m not feeling liky anything truly blog-worthy is happening with me. I’ve been addicted to Zeus lately.. What’s Zeus you ask?     That’s...



I’ve been bad.. not updating this thing for.. sheesh 6 days. I’m still miffed that the EPA feels my own blogger should be a blocked site, but this morning something happened that’s similar to the Jayson thing, when you feel...