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all the small things

After taking off about a month from the blog and writing to just, I don’t know… collect myself to face 2017 and take some time off for the holiday, I’m back to it. Today’s tale is about me suddenly realizing the right way (for me) to do laundry after all these years.


video: do commandos not wear pants?!

I was chatting with Kris earlier about the laundry room incident, actually more than a few friends chimed in about laundry room rules and the general consensus was that if you leave your stuff unattended, it’s gonna get moved for...


I just want clean clothes!

Up at the crack of dawn again today, but on a workday you don’t mind it so much. You can roll over and the alarm will wake you up again, or you can take a longer hot shower or maybe...


a day about nothing?

I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself today. Yesterday was productive and fun and ended with a great dinner at Mama Ayesha’s with Kyle. I can’t believe I’ve lived here as long as I have and never...


Spring cleaning spilling over into Summer

Heck of a weekend… for other people, I’m sure. Mine was spent cleaning the heck up out of my place. My cousin accepted a job in DC at a veterinary hospital and is coming up this week on a “find...


Would ya believe this is *clean*?

I meant for it to look this way, honest! How could I sleep on a bed full of dirty clothes?! The times I have done that in college notwithstanding, it’s laundry day! I woke up feeling like my stomach was...


OMG!! Freddie’s was such a Drag!

I got a bit roped into going to the Miss Freddie’s Beach Bar Pageant last night. I am not a huge fan of drag because the further north you go, the less it becomes about entertaining and more about just...


Crotch Rot… charming!

I have no idea what this is an ad or announcement for. Possibly a band, but hey what a name! It’s been a pretty quite and easygoing day, I had a late night last night so planned on playing hooky...


Crawling along, but making progress

Today is turning out somewhat productive. It took a while to hunt down Raul and get into the elevator pit, which is a scary place, lemme tell ya. One could host a creepy Halloween party in that room and I...


Pride 2007: Afternoon update

I know these titles make it seem like I’m really into Pride this year, but I’m just being silly. I managed to get 4 loads of laundry done, dropped off some dry cleaning, put some vitamin water bottles in the...