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everybody does it

Why do ex’s purposefully look you up after a period of time has passed, for, what it seems, letting you know that they have someone new in their life, the moment you tell them that you don’t? Just had a...


metro hangover

Riding the metro on hot days just makes you SO sleepy. Lunch was nice though. On the way out there I’d planned to have a nice quiet ride and read into the city, but had to move 3 times ‘cos...


i don’t know how this can have happened

I’ve got a lunch date. Tomorrow afternoon. With a guy I was talking to online. He seems to have 1/2 a brain, so it won’t be horrid, I don’t think, unless he shows up with his wife, a third eye,...


one of those lives

So this past weekend was one of those dark ones. Where everything you do reminds of the reasons that you hate doing it. Work on Friday wasn’t so bad, I was still feeling out of it though, then that night...


another one bites the dust

Well Adam IMs me and lets me know that he isn’t satisfied with the way things are going. Effectively, I’m dumped before we ever officially decided we were dating. And naturally, he’s been thinking about things a lot without ever...


pardon me, oh no, pardon me

After being blocked, nearly tripped and squished again this morning, I tend to wonder what it is that possesses people to not understand the personal space rules, or merely not care about anyone’s aside from their own. Yesterday, I wasn’t...


happy new year, with chunky monkeys no less

Spontaneous vacations are good things. The burdens of travel are NOT good things. Well, they aren’t that bad, but I don’t think I’ll be flying Southwest airlines any more if I can avoid it. Some might call them relaxed, I...


infectious holiday joy

Ok, I just went to the post office to send off Adam’s holiday gifts (who things are proceeding well with, by the by). And I was early, mainly ‘cos waiting a few minutes before they open was much preferable to...


forbidden lust

Ok, maybe I’m totally off my gourd, but I think the Sprint PCS guy is really cute. Such a cutie.



Yeah, that smell is me. Or will be tomorrow morning if I don’t have water with which to shower. Once again life decided I’ve been too happy lately. But hey, I talked to this nice guy on AOL in Boston...