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metro: platform or runway?

*taps mic* Is this thing on? Anyone still out there? Yeah, it’s been a while, but between indulging in birthday shenanigans, and sorta realizing that I’m not as able to recover from birthday shenanigans as I once was, I needed...


5.1: FixWMATA

If you live or work in the DC area, chances are you’ve used Metro–bus or rail–to get where you’re going in the city. I’ve lived in the area for nearly 15 years now and there was only a 3-month period...


in DC: a metro holiday

I really enjoyed this cover from last Friday’s Express. I’m used to seeing “yesterday’s news” printed in the free daily, but this story was dead on target for the impending weekend track work. There were still plenty of papers in...


in DC: 44 MILL-ion dollars!!

Spotted these guys at Gallery Place/Chinatown metro on our way to Lucky Strike on Friday handing out check-styled flyers for the upcoming movie Too Big to Fail.


in DC: CoHi WMATA mornings

Not every morning, but just about every morning, Columbia Heights metro riders are “treated” to the sound of escalators in dire need of some repair, or maybe just some WD-40…


metro: Presidents Day closings

Metrorail will be conducting significant track work on the Blue, Orange & Red lines during the Presidents Day Holiday Weekend…


weekend wrap-up: Halloween!

The past few years I’ve been going into Halloween with no real plans, but seeing what comes of the evening. I don’t do costumes unless I’ve been invited to a costume party and I really don’t enjoy going out to...


metro: a little… f’d up over Columbus Day weekend

It’s possible that some DC metro area residents, visiting out of towners, etc. don’t know about this so here’s a little reminder. Waterfront-SEU and Archives-Navy Mem’l-Penn Quarter stations to close; No Green Line service at L’Enfant Plaza The Waterfront-SEU and...


definitions: WIN and FAIL

For the layperson who still might not have noticed the lingual-drift that’s caused these two words to mean so much more than we ever learned growing up, here’s are some helpful current real-world examples. This is made of WIN For...


in DC: creative express

Just one of those “Ha ha, neat!” moments from this morning’s commute. Normally both the Express and Examiner guys are out there, handing out the free daily papers. Sometimes neither is there* and the riders self-serve. I thought today would...