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movies: out of ideas?

Interesting article by Mark Harris at GQ, The Day the Movies Died. It starts off talking about the industry-unexpected success of Inception and goes on to discuss the same lament so many have about movies these days… there’s nothing new anymore.


gadgets: Netflix on iPhone/iPod Touch

That sound you may have just heard was the sound of office productivity dropping… or perhaps increasing. Thanks to a tweet from Dave Zatz of Zatz Not Funny! I discovered that Netflix has finally released their app*–initially just for iPad–for...


reviews: flawless victory

The reviews for The Last Airbender have, so far, been delicious in their hatred for the movie. It seems that our culture always needs a whipping boy, so to speak, and this movie is the current one bent over with...


moving: how do YOU stay sane?

What I thought was crunch time was not crunch time. This is crunch time.*  Yesterday was spent mostly packing items away and marking items for the trash.  Our building’s trash area was open in the morning while Fiesta DC was...


night out: The Two Towers at Wolf Trap

I really wish I’d mentioned this sooner so people would have had a chance to make plans to go. A few weeks ago, I won my company’s ticket raffle for Wolf Trap tickets to see The Lord of the Rings:...


movies: just say Brü-NO

It’s no secret that I don’t plan to see or rent Brüno, Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest movie based on awkward situations and ambush comedy surrounding an uncanny valley-like main character. There have been a few articles out about him playing...


fan trailers: Green Lantern as it could be

Since today is apparently Geek Pride Day,* it wouldn’t be right to let the day pass without a very geeky post. Both Marvel and DC have had their fair share of attempts at bringing long-standing comic book characters to the...


video: world peace

At first I thought I might weigh in on the recent pageant kerfuffle*, but after watching some of the words and arguments from the sources and both sides, I had a my people, my people moment. So I decided to...