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Because it just is, that’s why.

One of the things that gives me a fun break during the workday is reading Mark Morford’s columns at SFGate.com. Last night I watched Real Time with Bill Maher from last Friday (check out his New Rules for that night’s...


two turntables and a long-ass line

According to secret hobo sources, Beck is playing the backstage at the Black Cat tonight. At first I was jazzed, but there’s already an Apples in Stereo concert there, it was announced yesterday and I doubt I feel like standing...


100% worth the price of admission

I think I may have satisfied my 80’s pop band requirements these past two years seeing Erasure and now the Pet Shop Boys. The concert was amazing, I was a bit concerned how it might go at DAR since that’s...


Você não vai querer que eu chegue no final

Unless you’re paraskavedekatriaphobic, today’s just another Friday to you. Just in case tho, I’m declaring my new cufflinks as “lucky cufflinks” — I got them at Eastern Market for $3. They have yet to turn my shirt cuffs green, so...


no one’s gonna stop MY child from getting fat

Filed under WTF?! — Oliver blasts mums defying junk ban. Apparently mothers, in defiance of Jamie Olivers charge against parents and schools to feed kids healthier options and get the junk food out of schools, have been smuggling junk food...


it’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

I just noticed this on my groggy morning walk to the metro. I haven’t had any issues with the new iTunes aside from the icon not copying to the desktop properly upon install, but the new update for my iPod...


Listening Lounge

B’dayBeyoncéHappy belated Birthday Beyoncé and all that but about the only gifts this album is going to get you are lots of money on sales and fanservice and media exposure and — oh wait.. nevermind. What it won’t get you...


people fill the world with narrow confidence

War war is stupid And people are stupid And love means nothing In some strange quarters Culture Club, “The War Song” Bush acknowledged that “these are challenging times” and said “they’re straining the psyche of our country.” “We’re not leaving...



I’m listening… but it’s just not grabbing me, sorry Xtina.


evil thoughts

Is it really wrong of me to wish that Ruben Studdard would release an album titled Rubenesque?