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All Hail the Internet!

When I want to listen to early 90s Matthew Sweet… I get my early 90s Matthew Sweet. And in 5 minutes, too. *bops* And the new Green Tea Latte from Starbucks? EW!


when I look back on my ordinary life

The lesson is: save early and save often! gmail sorta crashed up my browser (it really can be a firefox killer) and I lost all the fun and wit of my post. For a moment you think, “F_ck it, I’m...


My future husband…

Not a pic from the concert we just got back from, but this is close enough. *sigh* He played for over 2 hours, and I still can’t come down from it to get myself to bed. 😀


musical epiphanies

No matter how much you don’t want them to be… All Donald Fagen solo albums are the same album. If I wasn’t concentrating, I could barely tell this new one, Morph the Cat from Kamakiriad or The Nightfly. Not that...


So divine to feel the passion in this fashion…

Name the song referenced in my title without resorting to Google and win a no-prize and serious props a la moi. The spirit hasn’t really moved me to make a huge long post in a while, partially because the little...


I’m in love!!!

My new iPod arrived yesterday and it is fabulous. All of what I thought would be technical issues went off without a hitch. The tunes on my external mac-formatted drive were seen by my PC’s iTunes and while they all...


Come Into My World

Ok, woke up late, running late, ankle sore from twisting it on Monday night bowling, generally a crap morning, or it would be if I weren’t listening to Kylie live in concert. Her songs are already fun, but the live...


Aw, poop!

I only just found out that James Blunt is doing a US tour and then find the tickets sold out at 930 Club. Still, I did get two tickets for Jamie Cullum, so I guess I can’t complain all that...


Afro Hut Donkey Love

Emma Bunton, “I’ll Be There” (Harry’s Afro Hut Donkey Love Mix) If anyone has this track or the CDS for “I’ll Be There” please let me know. I’ll be ya’best friend!


strike a post

So bad.. yet so good, though more suited to the blogosphere than LJ, gave me a much-needed chuckle. BLOGUE, by Owen Thomas (apologies to Madonna) “BLOGUE” Strike a post Strike a post Blogue, blogue, blogue Blogue, blogue, blogue Surf around,...