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video: Mashup in the TARDIS

While reeling this morning from the total and utter lack of snow last night, I sought solace in YouTube… as one does. Today’s diversion? Doctor Who title sequence mashups.


video: a history of rap

I don’t watch late night shows, but this is making the rounds this morning and it is pretty cute. A History of Rap by Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake & The Roots…


video: been an angel all year

Since I’m stuck* at the office this morning, I figured it would be nice to share a little holiday spirit with an early present. Unfortunately, I won’t be traveling to visit the family this year and am not really looking...


music: sharin’ the seasonal tunes

I completely forgot to mention yesterday, if you don’t happen to have a collection of alternative* holiday music, check out SomaFM’s Christmas Lounge (iTunes/Windows Media) I’ve been streaming it at work from time to time and at home to get...


video: flames, on the side of my… place

I didn’t really intend to have a blogging break, but it was probably a good thing for the holiday. Even so, it wasn’t meant to be such a long time away from writing. Once you’re out of the habit, it’s...


Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?

And now for something completely different… I hadn’t planned on getting a mad-on yesterday morning, but thanks to everyone who stopped by and to those who made comments. What I wanted to talk/gush about was the start of the open...


video: he’s called DJ Earworm for a reason

It’s my own fault for not keeping up with DJ Earworm since I saw his United State of Pop 2008 video going around Facebook.* I wasn’t always a mash up fan because there would always be just a few source...


music: Vicar, Tart… or Both?

Darling, being gay is the best excuse you’ll ever have not to be boring! —Absolutely Fabulous, “Gay” A quote from Edina upon finding out that her son Serge is not only gay, but as “dishwater dull” as her daughter Saffron....


theatre: An Evening with Lynda Carter

Rounding out my week of 70s* favorites, Michael and I saw Lynda Carter at the Kennedy Center. It was difficult for my brain to think anything other than “We’re going to see Wonder Woman tonight!!” I’d also forgotten how much...


food: lick a lolly, indeed!

Some critics have called Daniel Craig the coolest Bond yet, but I’m not sure this is what they had in mind… 😈 Set for distribution during National Ice Cream Week (June 1–9 in the UK), Del Monte created the popsicle–sorry,...