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Which sounds more profound: a 180 or full circle?

A LOT has changed for me since I first got this job, dates, living arrangements, friends, etc. When I first interviewed for this job, I thought I did so poorly that I left here ready to be sick. Thankfully I...


Take a giant step outside your mind

I’d love to do just that, believe me. I’m a little stressed out around the office lately and I imagine I’ll be reacting a little like Tweek for the next week or so while I get used to being in...



While I appreciate the fact that they are making a very good effort to keep the office areas cooled down considering the heat wave, I don’t think that the (currently) 90° temps outside which we really aren’t being affected by...


“better than Cakelove”

Or so says a co-worker of my banana bread. I didn’t take photos because I’d forgotten just how fast and easy it was to assemble, and then I found out the light in my oven has gone out, still, at...


Oh god make it stop!

Ah Monday, the start of the work week, when you have to deal with everything you got too fed up to deal with on Friday and walked out on, yay! I have good tunes today, at least: Defected in the...


Office Inanity

We all deal with some pretty friggin’ petty things at our workplace, but for some reason this just irks me. I’m a contractor, so generally we get the leftovers when it comes to in-house supplies, including computer speakers, phones and.....



says, “You look so . . . regal and bored.” I love that. Love the tie too, just hate wearing it.


cough, choke and gag

I was getting ready to write a post, but there’s some kind of electrical burning smell in here and no one seems to know where from, so we’re leaving for a while. There’s been no official alarm called in tho.


friday fragments

Mused by moi: What is the point of the little marshmallows in instant hot cocoa when they’re gone and dissolved by the time it cools enough for you to drink it? Joke/line I hadn’t heard before related by co-worker: “I...